Judith Milburn PHD

For more than thirty years, I was in private practice in Southern California, opening my own office, The Center for Conscious Living, in Huntington Beach, in 1985.  Prior to that I’d taught high school English, received my PhD and interned at The University of Maryland, researched stress in law enforcement, and was an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and a Psychologist in the University Counseling Center at California State University, Long Beach

The Call had been been making itself known to me in subtle ways. Even without my knowing that it was a call or that I was answering it, I began doing what I found myself doing. At that time I didn’t possess the awareness to observe and really, fully observe what was happening. I was following some kind of an inner impulse that took me, step by step, until it sets me up where it wanted me to me. Sometimes I’ve felt that as my soul has lead me, I’m like a pawn on a chess board.

Judith Milburn PHD with Jean Houston
Judith Milburn PHD with Jean Houston

Unbeknownst to us the way is already mapped out. Saying yes, even when we don’t really have a clue, is all it takes. It’s as if the call must be answered, no matter what. And It can be persistent.

The answers to these questions emerged for me, over time, as I watched myself become intensively involved in my private practice, counseling individuals and couples, conducting the Anger Therapy Workshop, as well as a series of on going groups entitled Adventurers in Consciousness I, II, and III. Everything was teaching me, and I was giving back what I’d experienced and was learning, and learning even more in the giving.

As I’ve watched my life unfold through my work and the amazing experiences that have come my way, I’ve been able to reach down deeply and know ‘For this I’ve come’.

-Judith Milburn

Judith's new office space at The Village Gathering Place

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