Sacred Living Center

Sunday Dec 9th 4-6pm

Thursday Dec 13th 6-8pm

Group Biofield Tuning Sessions, beginning this December we are going to begin with Tuning the Overwhelm. Who needs help with that?!? We will explore the blockages in the field related to this topic and create coherence through sound to shift the freed up energy back to the body. Biofield Tuning helps to charge your battery so you can face life with greater clarity, confidence, and inner peace.

In our group sessions, everyone will be lying down on their OWN yoga mat setup (pillow and blanket optional), experiencing the session in their own quiet way. I’ll be doing the session in the room over an empty table, treating it like a distance session. I read what comes up in the collective field and everyone gets to receive the healing. I’ll go over self-care tips before and after to make sure the session integrates in the most ideal way for each person.

This is a great way to experience Biofield Tuning and create coherence in your system. Raise your voltage!

Sunday Dec 9th 4-6pm & Thursday Dec 13th 6-8pm.
$20 per session or $30 for both.

Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat, pillow and light blanket.

Feel free to email or text if you have questions. These events will be at the Village Gathering Place, 1970 Ashland St, just down the street from our center.

RSVP your spot by emailing or texting Shannon Tinder @ Sacred Living Center – // 541-363-7436

At The Village Gathering Place, 1970 Ashland street


1970 Ashland Street, Ashland Oregon 97520



1970 Ashland Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520